wintering pool

Manufacturers recommend leaving pools filled with water discovered wintering pools. Advantages: water counteracts the pressure exerted on the land adjoining the pool and prevents it "float" when in spring increases the volume of the water table.

In addition, a pool filled is less exposed to the weather and just be damaged if foreign objects fall.

Dose special product for the winter Puripool® Super offers additional advantages: from the outset prevents lime precipitates and algae formation, so that the next spring cleaning much easier and less costly.

Note: Even if you have Puripool® Super dosed in the water of your pool, you can go swimming without any problems.

Steps to prepare your pool for the winter:
• Analyze the pH and adjust if necessary between 7.0-7.4.
• Carry out a shock chlorination with Chlorifix or Chloriklar® with circulation system operating to prevent also "invernen" dirt that is in the water.
• With the system stopped, lowering the water level below the nozzles.
• Pour in different parts of the pool the right dose of Super Puripool®.
• Drain piping external circuit.
• Add a pressure buffer (eg. A wooden cross or an empty drum) which counteracts the pressure of the ice on the walls of the pool.
• If available, cover the pool with a special cover.
Use biocides safely. Always read the instructions and product information before use.