Pruning Season

Pruning trees is very important if we want to keep fit, but the same can not be performed d any form or at any time. The ideal time to prune a tree is late winter (to avoid the days of intense cold).

Winter pruning and summer

• Trees, shrubs, vines and roses are pruned in winter but throughout the year also can and should make slight interventions to remove undesirable elements such as:

- Dried, broken, diseased branches.

- Branches hinder the passage of people.

- Branches that have grown (suckers).

- Shoots that have arisen from the same root.

- Flowers and fruit past.

- Branches that have gone completely green on variegated plants. If you do not, you will lose the yellow or white variegated leaves.

• Make winter pruning trees and deciduous shrubs it is less debilitating since NO leaves are removed and thus not reduced photosynthetic capacity.

• A positive aspect that has pruned in spring or summer is that the cuts heal faster than in winter; but beware of the species "bleed" a lot.

• It is said to prune trees, fruit trees, roses and shrubs in old or waning moon favors a profusion of flowers and fruits. And when you want a greater vegetative growth, stronger growth, it is pruned for new or crescent moon.

• Advantages of pruning in winter time

- It is less debilitating for not removing the tree leaves (if outdated).

- The branch structure is best viewed leafless and facilitates pruning.

- Sale less volume of 'fodder'.

- In winter there is less work in the garden.

- In Spring or summer there is risk species "bleed" a lot of cuts.