Servicio de limpieza en Algeciras

The main features of this service are:
- We scheduled services in times of little interference as possible for our client.
- We adapt specific work plans for the maintenance of corridors and passageways.
- Periodically cleaning of escalators are incorporated.
- We empower centers machinery driving sitting to scrub floors.
- We include machines or polishing with ability to crystallize and / or polishing large areas of surfaces.
- Establish continuous training for staff in order to achieve the highest degree of professionalism and specialization.
- We designate the figure of Head of the center, to interact between cleaning equipment, the company and responsible for the commercial area.

We are aware of the responsibility that entails acquiring the commitment of maintaining and cleaning a local area or large shopping mall, our service is concerned to provide and keep constantly updated machinery, utensils and the right products.