Servicio de Conserjería en Algeciras

Among other controllers and custodians of the building are entrusted with tasks such as:

- Visits and care providers, annotation notices and correspondence management.
- Control I / O on the premises.
- Round preventive maintenance or checking: Check the lighting elements and replacing them, setting locks damaged, moisture detection and repair of damage.
- Remove the street garbage cubes and place in the building when empty.
- Supervision of other contracted services and information about incidents to management or the company.

Besides the formation of South Aljadra gives his Concierges these consist of:
- Alarm Receiving produced during operation.
- Preparedness access control, reception and information about visits to the site-building-premises.
- They have first aid training, prevention and fire fighting and preventive maintenance of facilities.
- Manage the fire panel, pictures of carbon monoxide.
- Know the lobbies, fire extinguishers and automatic doors.